If you have sea education, operational experience, knowledge of English - go to Riga Ship Management. We'll help you to find work on dry cargo ships in the German or Norwegian shipping companies. We'll provide you the support at all stages of negotiations with the employer company, we'll care of all possible nuances, we'll organize the visa support and we'll arrange your travelling. Shipping companies we cooperate with turn to us for the help in searching of the competent staff, and we are engaged in selection of crew and we make all spadework with our candidates up to the moment of joining the ship. To enter your nominee into the list of applicants for vacant posts, you should have the following documents without which signing the contract with the European company is impossible. So, you should have:

     • Travelling Passport.

     • National Seaman's Book

     • Certificate of Competence

     • STCW Certificates

     • Medical Certificate.

Your competitive ability will increase if you present:

     • Responses about work from your previous employer 

     • English test confirmation.

     • Licenses of adjacent specialties

 You can register into the Database On-Line completing the application form and sending the copies of your documents by e-mail. Otherwise you can do it in our office where we'll answer all your questions and give you the additional consultation. All of your comments are also welcome. Applications will be strictly confidential.

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